How 1 Email Helped Us Increase MRR By 32%

I was running a few minutes late from a product demo to pick up my son from school last week when it hit me… all I need to do is invent some more time in my day and everything will work out just as planned.

Or maybe it would be easier just to find ways to be more efficient with my time. Which lead me to discover a time saving trick that has worked wonders for us recently.

You might be thinking the 1 email that I attribute our growth to is an NPS survey email, but that’s not it. A lot of people use NPS and don’t find massive growth with NPS alone.

I have personally been using this technique for the last 3 months to grow or monthly recurring revenue by over 32% (we are transparent with our metrics so you can verify these numbers for yourself). And this is a routine that only takes a few minutes out of every day.

The technique is to mashup the ideas of DRIP email campaigns with NPS survey follow-ups. The 1 email that I attribute our growth to is the personalized follow-up email.

This technique of personalizing NPS survey follow-ups in order to have time to create authentic relationships with your responders is one of the most powerful overlooked and underused ideas in marketing today. But most people get overwhelmed trying to personalize a bunch of follow-ups all at once.

The core idea behind DRIP is to send messages to customers over a period of time instead of all at once. If you have ever signed up for a 7-day email course, those emails were pre-written and the delay was intentionally put there by the author.

Most companies send NPS surveys all at once. If you are surveying 100 people, that’s not such a big problem. But when you send 1,000 or 10,000+ surveys, you are in big trouble. A regular survey might only get a 3-5% response rate (300-500 total responses) and you don’t usually follow-up with most surveys anyhow.

If you follow this blog, you already know that the real growth power of NPS surveys is all in the follow-up. So you need to prepare yourself to respond NOT JUST to 500 responses… but to 2,000+ responses (after all, NPS surveys usually get 8-10x the response rate of regular surveys).

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You could try to copy/paste or auto-respond to your users, but then you lose the authentic touch.

And when was the last time you filled out a survey and received a note you knew was written just for you? If you are like most people, that has never happened. So do it for your customers. You will stand out in a big way leaving a lasting impression and close more sales from referred clients.

The big problem is that 2,000 personalized responses can take a full work-week to do right. But if you spread the work over 3 months (60 work days), it only amounts to 32 personalized emails per day. Each email takes just a few seconds to personalize, and if you have our NPS Follow-Up Cheatsheet with 11 tested templated responses, most of the hard work is done for you already.

Implementing it on your own can be a pain though. So at, we have automated the entire “drip NPS” process for you. All you have to do when setting up a new NPS campaign is set the distribution method to drip and tell us over what time period you want the emails to go.


To make this even easier for you to try, we have a free plan you can use with no obligation to buy.


Increasing MRR is hard. Many people don’t find massive growth with NPS alone. But if you combine it with DRIP campaigns, you can unlock a cool trick.

In fact, the Net Promoter Score combined with personalized follow-ups is one of the most powerful under-used sales and growth tools out there. But not everybody knows how to leverage NPS to drive more revenue. It all comes down to the authentic real person touch, but having enough time to personalize things is hard. So spread your NPS surveys over time to give yourself more opportunities to create authentic relationships with customers and start seeing the fruits of this behavior immediately.

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