$100 /mo
$83 /mo paid annually
$500 /mo
$417 /mo paid annually
  • 25,000 Surveys/ Mo
  • 10 Users
  • Priority Support
  • Onboarding
  • Import NPS Data
  • Integration Support
  • Over 25,000 Surveys/ Mo
  • Custom # of Users
  • Dedicated Support
  • Custom Onboarding
  • Import NPS Data
  • Integration Support
  • Dedicated Sending IP
  • Custom Return Path
  • Unlimited API Requests
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Campaign Administration

Every Plan Includes:

  •   Customizable Email Template
  •   Unlimited NPS Campaigns
  •   Survey Throttling
  •   Drip and Instant Surveys
  •   Recurring Surveys
  •   Automated Survey Reminders
  •   Survey Send Delay
  •   "Close the Loop" Workflow
  •   API Support
  •   3rd Party Integrations
  •   Interactive Feedback Tagging
  •   Trend Analysis
  •   Customer Attribute Filtering
  •   Historical Customer Scores
  •   Data Export
  •   Employee NPS (eNPS)
Need to send more than 25,000 surveys per month or have other custom requirements? Contact us and we'd be happy to build a solution for your team.

You Might be Asking...

Can I run a test survey/campaign before upgrading? Of course! Our free trial allows you to send out 250 surveys
so you can try Promoter.io first-hand. We also offer a no
hassle 60-day money back guarantee if you upgrade and don't
see the value. We know you will!
How many surveys do I need to send each month? Net Promoter surveys are generally sent 4 times per year per
customer (once per quarter). Depending on the specific nature of
your business you may do more or less (transactional surveys as
an example).

Three Dead Simple Reasons to get Started Today

Predict Customer Behavior NPS data has a strong correlation to future
customer behavior and growth. Leverage
this leading indicator to ensure your
business is moving in the right direction.
Stop churn in its tracks Detractors have a high probability of
canceling their service or never purchasing
again. We help you identify them before
this happens so you can resolve issues and
keep more hard earned customers.
Engage your promoters Your promoters are the "fanboys" (and girls)
for your brand! If they haven't already
recommended you to friends or colleagues,
they will. All you have to do is ask.