What is NPS?

The Net Promoter Score categorizes your customers into three categories: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. Your NPS score is calculated by taking the percentage of customers who are Promoters and subtracts the percentage who are Detractors.
what is nps
what is nps
Learn how to use Net Promoter Score for customer loyalty.
what is nps has done an excellent job of enabling the kind of 'Lean NPS' process we recommend in "The Ultimate Question 2.0". With a nice balance between self-service simplicity and a powerfully comprehensive solution, stands out as one of the real leaders in the customer loyalty space.

Fred Reichheld

Creator of Net Promoter Score, Advisor & Investor

Using helped us quickly surface the areas where we were really excelling as well as the areas we needed to improve. This has helped us increase customer loyalty by 125%.

Josh Pigford
Founder of Baremetrics

We set ourselves the challenge one morning to begin measuring NPS, so we found a simple solution that seemed easy to use. It was great at first, but after a few weeks we really wanted to dig deeper on the data and add in some of our internal user properties to understand things better. Ultimately we switched to and life has been great ever since.

James Gill
CEO of GoSquared

Promoter has helped us tremendously. This is the only platform that allows us to drive highly actionable feedback, analyze responses for critical insights and effectively close the loop all in one place.

Joe Dan Dockery
Rackspace / Object Rocket
Top Net Promoter companies have outgrown the nearest competition
by over 2x. Leave your competitors in the dust by controlling
the word-of-mouth mindshare.
customer loyalty and customer retention
See how Rackspace uses and NPS to drive customer growth and a world-class experience.

TAKE ACTION AND GROW and NPS provide clear actionable insights that make it obvious where to take action that results in immediate and measurable growth. These insights also help you reduce at-risk revenue from your detractors.

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