Turn NPS & customer intelligence into an ROI machine

Capturing and understanding customer insights are only half the battle. Put this actionable data to work for you!

Drive Organic Growth

Identify your strongest brand advocates (your promoters) and put them to work for you. This doesn't happen on its own, all you need to do is ask.

Increase Customer Retention

Arm your front line teams with the data to proactively engage customers who are likely to churn and understand what drives retention in other customer segments.

Influence Product Roadmap

Get a clear picture of what drives the strongest sentiment (positive or negative) within your product or service. Product teams can easily prioritize the roadmap with a vocal majority input.

Inform Marketing Campaigns

What do your best customers look like under the surface? Speak to the customers who are the best fit and most likely to be promoters and brand advocates out of the gate. Increase conversion rates, CAC and ROI dramatically.

Speak to your Audience

Listen to how customers talk about your brand in their own words through their written feedback. Use this language to speak to your broader audience with targeted messaging.