Beautifully Simple Email

Inline Editing

Tailor key details within the email to fit your needs.


Promoter supports 27 languages.

Branded to You

Upload your own logo.

Employee Engagement

Use the eNPS option for Employee Engagement.

Responsive Email

Looks great in all devices and clients.

nps survey email

Manage Campaigns

Segmented Campaigns

Ability to segment based on product lines and businesses
and view separate NPS scores.

Drip and Instant Surveys

You choose your preferred delivery method.

Feedback Forwarding

Route relevant messages to your team.

Delivery Delay

You choose the date for launch. Promoter does the rest.

Recurring Surveys

Automatically repeat surveys every 3, 6, or 12 months.

Automated Reminders

Automatically send a reminder survey to anyone who missed the
opportunity to respond after 3, 5, or 7 days.

Survey Throttle

Never over survey a customer again by throttling how often a
customer can receive a survey.

nps campaign management

Extend With Integrations


Connect Promoter with 1000s of apps via Zapier.


Add contacts to Send Surveys via your analytics events
being sent to Segment.


Get notified when feedback is received.

nps integrations

Api Support

Integrate Directly

Integrate with Promoter to add contacts, send surveys,
and collect feedback and NPS metrics.


Use Webhooks to be notified about events that happen in your
Promoter account. When one of those events is triggered, we'll send
a HTTP POST payload to the webhook's configured URL.

API Documentation

nps api

Capture Analytics

NPS Over Time

View progress over long-term NPS surveys.


Filter based on contact attributes and date ranges.


Instantly export all data from any campaign.

Delivery Statuses

Keep track of survey delivery statuses.

Feedback Rates

View feedback rates for your surveys.


Glance at trends based on the tags created.

nps customer analysis

Manage Contacts

Unlimited Lists

Create as many as you'd like and add to old ones.

Include Customer Details

Upload contact attributes you find valuable while doing NPS.

Contact Profiles

View contact profiles for NPS over time per customer.

nps customer intelligence

Manage Feedback

Follow Up In-App

View and follow-up directly within Promoter.


Create tags on feedback to realize trends among feedback.

Pre-Formatted Replies

Save/Insert commonly used replies to save time.

Internal Notes

Write internal notes based on each feedback.

Historical Scores

View the past three scores from your contact.

nps customer feedback

TAKE ACTION AND GROW and NPS provide clear actionable insights that make it obvious where to take action that results in immediate and measurable growth. These insights also help you reduce at-risk revenue from your detractors.

Customers Engaged
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