How Sticker Mule Became a World Class Company

If you have not yet had the pleasure of ordering and receiving custom printed stickers from Sticker Mule, you’re absolutely missing out.

I say “pleasure”, because there is no better way to describe the complete start-to-finish customer experience that the folks over at Sticker Mule have created.

It doesn’t feel like a purchase, it feels like an experience.

It all starts with their playful brand featuring a silhouette of a mule, which extends into their tagline of “Custom stickers that kick ass”.


(Unrelated, but interesting nonetheless, I was able to learn the difference between a mule and a donkey while doing research for this story. If you’ve wondered what the difference is yourself, here’s the answer.)

Back to our story …

Using a more lighthearted and humorous tone, along with their bright orange brand color, really gives you a sense that this entire ordering process is likely to be quite enjoyable.  

They don’t disappoint either.

Ordering is super simple. They don’t offer an endless array of options, which helps streamline the decision making process. They stick (pun fully intended) to what they do best.

Within just a few clicks, your order can be placed.

Unless you need your stickers in an insanely short amount of time, Sticker Mule offers you a pretty amazing turn-around (they’re the world’s fastest sticker printing according to their site), which includes free basic shipping.

When your stickers arrive, they’ll most likely arrive in a bubble envelope that really stands out.

Inside the package, they always throw in a few stickers of their own, a fancy button and a card that’s personally signed by the person who packed my order (which is a nice touch).

Sticker Mule Delivery

While the experience for most of their customers up to this point is amazing, it’s usually topped once they receive their order.  

The quality of products that Sticker Mule delivers is unmatched.

The materials, the ink, the printing … it all comes together to really deliver a craftsman-level sticker (along with the handful of other products they offer as well).

If it weren’t already obvious, we’re huge fans (and promoters) of Sticker Mule here at Promoter.

And, we’re certainly not alone either.

Based on the complete customer experience I described above, it shouldn’t surprise you that Sticker Mule maintains a healthy NPS score in the 70’s. Which, as you’re probably aware, is only achieved by companies delivering world class customer service.

For their team though, they still strive to do better.

So, we were very excited when they turned to us to help them measure and improve upon their customer sentiment.

The company decided to begin their NPS journey not only to improve upon their already impressive customer experience but to also capture customers who they may not be reaching through “normal channels” when help is most needed.

The “normal” channel for their customers is to reach out to their help desk by email. This process allows the support team the ability to properly triage the ticket and respond back to the customer in the quickest time possible.

Within this normal process, the biggest comment they hear back from the customer is how they can’t believe how fast their response was.

Still, the company believes that there is a stigma around email support, assuming that if a customer can’t call a support line or start a live chat with someone, they may not bother reaching out at all.

They saw this as a potential issue and turned to and NPS to help.

Kalie Bishop, a Customer Service Manager at Sticker Mule stated,

“Regardless if the feedback is positive or negative, the ability to obtain meaningful customer feedback enables us to continue to improve our process and services. We encourage all feedback as it helps us to determine whether or not our products and services are meeting or surpassing customer expectations.”

What Kalie and her team were able to do is indeed capture additional feedback from those that they were missing in their normal help desk ticketing process.

As they assumed, there were customers that simply weren’t taking the initiative to reach out via email when they experienced an issue.

The friction of that process, along with a preconceived belief that the response time would be longer than they’d like, prevented them from reaching out to support at all.

Fortunately, the convenience and ease of completing an NPS survey, allowed the Customer Service team to hear from many of these customers with unsolved issues or concerns.

In many cases, simply responding to the customer following the survey was enough for these customers to feel supported, eliminating (or at least minimizing) their detractor sentiment.

This is often true for customers of any company. Most people are amazed that there is someone even reading their feedback, let alone responding back personally. Closing the loop is honestly one of the easiest and most important things you can do as a company to improve customer sentiment.

Where a response wasn’t enough for Sticker Mule customers, Kalie and her team were able to engage in more meaningful discussions and help to resolve the issues before they escalated.

While their NPS journey is just getting started, Kalie states that,

“ has allowed us to identify trends that are key indicators of customer loyalty, areas of potential growth, and actionable insight into areas that need improvement. It’s a powerful metric that we at Sticker Mule pay very close attention to.”

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