How Measuring NPS the Right Way Increased Results 1300% For Recruiterbox

Using the Net Promoter System® to gather feedback and engage with your customers is usually only half of the equation. While meaningful dialog can go a long way in helping to mend relationships with your unhappy customers, more often than not, you need to be prepared and able to make systematic changes to make a real difference.

That’s precisely what Chelsea Stroh, Head of Customer Success at Recruiterbox learned when she started measuring NPS just over a year ago.

“We just didn’t have the people in place to make the changes needed at the time” Chelsea stated.

One year later, Chelsea now manages a customer happiness team that consists of four people and they’ve completely shifted to a proactive “customer-first” organization. Today, “every change in our product is based on customer feedback”, she excitedly states.

If you’re not familiar with Recruiterbox, they describe themselves as a web-based applicant tracking software that helps growing companies manage their inbound job applications. Meaning, if you’re hiring employees and have your job listings in multiple places (which everyone does), they make your job 1000 times easier.

And apparently lots of companies agree. Since launching in 2010, Recruiterbox has grown to nearly 50 employees across the world and has earned the trust of 1000’s of customers, including some of the top brands in the world.

That growth and success is largely due to the importance they place on their most important asset — their customers.

Once Chelsea felt they had the right resources and team in place to best serve their customers, they decided it was time to double down and get serious about NPS once again.

The first step in that process was identifying which type of customer would provide them with the most accurate insights. Additionally, they wanted to determine the volume of feedback they’d need to get statistically relevant data.

On their first NPS attempt the year prior, they had decided to narrowly focus on what they called their “super-users”. These customers were not necessarily their core user, but rather those that they believed to be their ideal user-type.

While they had an extremely high response rate, the sample size wasn’t large enough to draw any strong and meaningful conclusions. Additionally, they were concerned that while they believed they represented the ideal user, they weren’t necessarily the most active users.

As a result, they decided that rather than focus on just a small subset of “super-users”, they needed to broaden the scope to get the proper level of engagement and clear insights into what drove customer behavior across the board.

Promoter Tip: Rather than narrowing your customer list and risking limited (or influenced) results, you should be surveying all of your customers regularly to capture as much data as possible. Using customer attributes, you can filter your customers into various segments and cohorts to give you the ability to drill down as granular as needed and account for variance in sentiment.

It turned out that their instincts were correct, and at the end of their first NPS campaign, they managed to capture 13x more in total responses. This not only gave them more statistically relevant data, but more importantly a ton of critical insights from their customers.

In the end of their first full campaign, two real opportunities emerged:

  1. NPS Discovery: In an effort to rapidly evolve their product to please their customers, Recruiterbox discovered that their efforts were doing the opposite. While they were making platform changes at a high rate, they found out that the constant updates were confusing their customers.

    Solution: Understanding that the customers weren’t unhappy with the actual changes being made, but rather with how often they needed to relearn the user interface, the Recruiterbox team decided to offer an option. Rather than being forced to immediately adapt to the new changes, they allowed customers to opt-in to the updates, providing them a way to toggle between the old and new versions. 
  2. NPS Discovery: Based on the responses and conversations with the customers who had identified themselves as detractors, Chelsea and her team discovered that a large percentage of those were unhappy due to lack of product knowledge. The had either not received proper education or were misguided.

    Solution: Chelsea and her team were able to prevent a lot of churn by simply using every customer interaction as an opportunity to educate. This discovery has also led to some additional efforts around proper and early product education.

Recruiterbox is a perfect example of a company who is thinking about and implementing NPS the right way. And, for them, it all begins with the proper preparation:

  • Do we have the resources in place to respond promptly and implement changes?
  • Are we surveying enough customers to gain proper insights?
  • How many responses do we need to confidently make decisions with extrapolated data?

Once the surveys are underway and the feedback starts to roll in, Chelsea and her team are fanatic about responding to customers. They personally respond to every customer immediately and follow up two weeks later with anyone who doesn’t engage.

In order to accomplish this, Recruiterbox staggers their surveys over time, which is a practice we always encourage. In addition to helping manage the amount of feedback that comes in at once, staggering your surveys (what we call drip surveys), also prevents anomalies in your data from occurring.

Lastly, Chelsea and her team realize that NPS isn’t only meant for preventing churn, it’s also the best opportunity to access your promoters and drive growth. In this most recent campaign, two weeks after they had initially engaged with their promoters, they followed up with a request to leave a review — which are now at 30 reviews and climbing and one of their main sources of new customer acquisition!

When asked about her overall philosophy on customer service, Chelsea leaves us with this, “You have the opportunity to be the best or worst part of your customer’s day. We choose to be the best.”

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If you’re a growing business that is actively hiring, I’d encourage you to take a look at to master your recruitment efforts and experience their best-in-class service.

If you want to experience the same benefits of NPS that Recruiterbox has had, sign up for an account on Promoter and get 250 free surveys to try it out.

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