Shortcuts for Finishing NPS Follow-Ups in Record Time

I hear from customers all the time about how the pratices we teach, our take on the NPS system with a focus on personalized follow-ups has transformed their business.

We have even created a free cheat sheet that has 11 detailed examples of how to follow-up to users no matter what score they give you. We have already thought through the psychology of it so you don’t have to.

But as we all know, simple is not easy. And finding time to do personal follow-ups with every customer who responds to NPS surveys can sometimes feel impractical. Just listen to one of our customers, Illoh:

Chad, this is pretty interesting I must say. Could be so time consuming too that one may have to hire an assistant to manage NPS all on its own :).

Today we wanted to share with you some of the shortcuts we have developed for completing the techniques we recommend in record time. For many of our customers, implementing these practices can speed up their NPS survey response time by 3-5 times.

Shortcut Tip #1: Use a Text Auto-Expander

If you have upgraded to OS X El Capitan (10.11), there is a little-know feature that you might not have heard of before. Go into your System Preferences and click on Keyboard…


Then click on Text…


Finally, on the keyboard text screen you can fill in shortcuts that will automatically expand into larger templates.


If you haven’t updated to El Capitan, but are still using a Mac, you can download TextExpander to accomplish the same feature. If you are on Windows or Android, you can look at PhraseExpress.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although you can put a good amount of text here, you should not just send vanilla pre-made copy without customization. There should be places within the copy that you personalize so that the message is unique to every person.

Shortcut Tip #2: Send NPS Surveys To Only 1% Of Your Users At A Time

We have talked about this in previous blog posts, but we can’t stress the point enough. If you send large campaigns all at once, you will not only be limited to point-in-time data that doesn’t take into account new feature releases, but you will also be overwhelmed with too many surveys to respond to at once.

If you survey a small percentage of your users every day, you split up the work into manageable amounts. Especially when you combine this with text auto-expanders, a huge job can be made much better this way.

If you use, you can do this automatically with a feature we call DRIP NPS. When creating a new campaign, all you need to do is select “Drip” instead of of “Instant” and pick the time period over which you want to distribute your surveys.


EXTRA TIP: If you select 90 days, it is equivalent to sending 1% of your users a survey every day. If you want to send 2% of your users every day, you can pick 30 days or if you want 0.5% of your users every day, you can pick 180 days.

Shortcut Tip #3: Try Using The Pomodoro Method

The pomodoro timer technique has helped people do any task faster: email inbox zero, social media management, writing books, building apps. The idea is simple: get into a flow state by focusing exclusively on one thing for 25 minutes at a time.

During that time, it’s important you don’t get distracted by anything. You can use a variety of timers (like the alarm on your phone, or this simple website can help you). I personally like to use a Mac App called Pomodoro Time.

During the 25 minutes, all you focus on is following up with your NPS survey responses. If you can’t finish in 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break and then do another pomodoro session. If you find yourself too distracted during your pomodoro session, you can get apps that will turn off your internet for you. On Mac or Windows you can use Freedom.


Doing NPS right doesn’t need to be a burden on your time. Using the right combination of productivity tools and tips can dramatically save you time. And, the value you will gain will be completely worth it.

You will be able to build deeper authentic relationships with your customers in a fast and natural way. You will be able to get your customers to turn into active promoters, not just passive consumers. And, you will get valuable feedback you can use to improve your product and service. You can even use NPS feedback in unexpected ways.

Do you have any productivity tips? Leave them in the comments below.

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