5 Ways to Get Your Customers Foaming with Excitement

As a small business owner, you probably forget that you have about three seconds to capture your visitors’ attention and engage them with your offer once they land on your site. If you haven’t hooked them by then, a Facebook alert is likely to steal them away from you.

Within the first three seconds, your visitors should say to themselves:

Where has this product been all my life?!? I have been looking for something like this forever. PLEASE, where do I sign up?

Does this sound far fetched? Impossible? Apple has done it time and again. People stand in lines for hours and wait months to get their hands on overpriced electronics.

What about you? When’s the last time you found a product you were so excited about that you couldn’t wait another day?

For me, it was a $40 Kickstarter Pen. Why? Because I love carrying pens. Whether it’s to scratch down a new idea or fill out some paperwork, a pen always comes in handy. But I don’t often wear clothes that lend themselves to traditional pens such as a blazer or button up shirt. So, one day I typed “key-chain pen” into Amazon and found this:

kickstarter pen

Though it might look like a perfect solution, it wasn’t. I lost this pen within two days. The mechanism that held the pen to the cap didn’t lock.

So, when I came across the Kickstarter pen with a screwing lock top mechanism, I was instantly in love. From the first picture, I could see the product solved my problem. Just take a look:
Apparently, I wasn’t alone because the company raised almost $80,000, which was eight times more than they aimed for.


So, what do you do to keep people’s attention on your page and engage them with your product?

Here’s a 5-Step Plan to get people excited to give you their money:

Step 1: Narrow your audience

Many small business owners think that the bigger their potential audience, the better. The truth is the opposite. Not everyone is in the market for a key-chain pen. Don’t try to convince everybody in the world that they need your pen. Narrow your audience to people who have the problem you are trying to solve.

Step 2: Speak to problems, not features

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. What goals are they trying to achieve, and what challenges do they face in the process? Speaking to people’s hopes and dreams as well as fears and frustrations is the fastest way to grab their attention.

Step 3: Be direct and specific

People don’t have time to read all your marketing copy, so don’t hide your message in words. Pack a punch: make the message clear in your header and your sub-header, and make the text support your headers. Don’t worry if some people don’t have the problems you are talking about. You don’t have to sell snow to those who have plenty of it—target your copy to a more tropical audience.

Step 4: If you don’t know, ask

If you have any doubts who your specific audience are or what their specific problems are, just ask them. Use open-ended NPS surveys to get the highest response rate possible. You might wonder how to figure out people’s problems when they are just giving you a number from 0-10 as a response. Make sure you follow up with everyone who responds to your survey. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, you can still learn a lot. Just ask: “What’s the biggest reason you gave us that score?”, and you’ll gain invaluable insight into how people perceive your online presence.

Step 5: Give more than you get

This is the biggest secret of them all. If you have identified your audience and spoken directly and specifically to their dreams and frustrations, figure out new ways to engage with them on similar topics. Start a blog or a podcast. Create a free ebook. Create giveaways for things that they would like. These kinds of activities will set you apart from other companies and create true fans of what you are trying to do.


If you haven’t done this recently, go to your product’s homepage, and try to see it with fresh eyes. If you didn’t know anything about your business already, how quickly could you determine whether this product was a good fit for you? Try to make this determination ONLY by reading headlines. Don’t read any text smaller than H2.

If you need help figuring out what gets your customers really excited, try a free NPS survey today. Send out 25 free NPS surveys to see how actionable the feedback from your existing users can become in refining your messaging and positioning.

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