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Promoter Helps Drive Intelligent Decisions Across Your Entire Organization

NPS for Customer Success

Proactively identify and triage customer issues ahead of time. Prevent churn, increase product adoption, reduce the reactive support load and understand how to drive loyalty.

NPS for Marketing

Uncover your ideal customer persona to fuel more targeted marketing efforts that produce dramatically better results. Higher conversion rates, more qualified leads and better ROI is just the start.

NPS for Product

Normalize product feedback and identify key trends in product usage that drive strong customer loyalty. Easily prioritize the product roadmap.

NPS for Leadership

Leverage your Net Promoter Score and enriched reporting to measure the ongoing health of your organization and influence strategy. Predict future growth and churn with a reliable, proven KPI.

What is NPS?

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The Net Promoter System (or Net Promoter Score) is a proven key metric for measuring customer sentiment and reliably predicting future customer behavior.

Customers are segmented into three distinct categories:

Promoters • Passives • Detractors

Your Net Promoter Score is calculated by taking the percentage of customers who are Promoters (your most loyal brand advocates) and subtracting the percentage who are Detractors (unhappy customers who are likely to churn and spread negative word-of-mouth).

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We set ourselves the challenge one morning to begin measuring NPS, so we found a simple solution that seemed easy to use. We switched to and life has been great ever since.

James Gill CEO of GoSquared

James Gill

Promoter has helped us tremendously. This is the only platform that allows us to drive highly actionable feedback, analyze responses for critical insights and effectively close the loop all in one place.

Joe Dan Dockrey Rackspace / ObjectRocket

Joe Dan Dockrey

Using helped us quickly surface the areas where we were really excelling as well as the areas we needed to improve. This has helped us increase customer loyalty by 125%.

Josh Pigford Founder of Baremetrics

Josh Pigford
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Salesforce Premium

Sync your campaign responses directly to your Salesforce contacts.



Send your campaign feedback directly to a Slack channel.

Promoter API

Promoter API

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Integrate your existing tools and workflows to power your NPS campaign.


Segment Premium

Leverage your analytics to power your NPS campaign.